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MAFOKO Security Patrols is currently operating in all the 9 Provinces of Southern Africa.

The company is able to deliver service excellence when it comes to physical guarding and armed reaction. with 13 years of experience, specialising in provision of security products, services and solutions.

We are proud to say we have a long time working relationship with our clients, and provide them with the highest quality service

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Mafoko was registered with the CIPC in 2004.

We offer a variety of security services and solutions to our clients. See about our service page for more information 

Yes , mafoko is a registered training service provider with SASSETA. We offer in house training services to members of our staff. Mafoko has partnered with several institutions across the country to further train our staff. One of the partners is Winyfield Training College

We advertise Mafoko Vacancies through our recruitment agencies and on sites for internal applications. We do not advertise on Social Media pages , on WhatsApp pages and groups. Please exercise extreme caution when applying for a vacancy , we advise you to visit our offices in your area branches to confirm any vacancies we have posted.

You must never pay anyone any money to submit your CV or to get a post , please report any staff member who asks you to pay them to our free whistleblowing number 086 …. We are not responsible for any payment you make to another person promising you a job , please report the person to the nearest SAPS and not our offices. We do not tolerate any employee receiving money from a person looking for a job , swift disciplinary action will be taken against that employee.

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Mafoko does not recruit on Facebook

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